5th Witten Conference on Institutional Change

Witten Institute for Institutional Change

Past Conferences

The Witten Institute for Institutional Change (WIWA) organizes the annual WIWAConference as an international academic conference since 2014. The conference address current topics related to the political, social and economic challenges of institutions. It encourages younger as well as established scientists to join the interdisciplinary discourse. The conference language is English.

4th Witten Conference

The 4th Witten Conference on Institutional Change dealt with “Institutional Pathologies”. The purpose of this two-day conference in February 2018 was to improve our theoretical understanding of massively disturbed social entities (institutions, organizations, networks). This is not only a scientifically demanding task, it is also a practically very important concern, since theoretically robust diagnoses of institutional pathologies immediately imply the question, political and otherwise, whether something can and should be done about them. There is a growing research literature already dealing with dysfunctional organizations, primarily business firms and other organizations within the economic sphere. The topic of “social pathologies” finds increasing attention also within social psychology and social philosophy.

The 4th Witten Conference The conference was sponsored by WINIR, the World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research and generously supported by the Aktionsgemeinschaft Soziale Marktwirtschaft (ASM).

3rd Witten Conference

The  3rd  Witten  Conference  on  Institutional  Change focused on “Institutions in Development Research: New Buzzword or Real Impact?” It took place on 1 and 2 December 2016 at Witten/Herdecke University in Witten, Germany. It was conducted in co-operation and with the generous support by the  Aktionsgemeinschaft Soziale Marktwirtschaft and the Forschungskolleg Siegen. The main question of the conference was: Are institutions really the key to solve development problems? Or is it more a hype then a hope for economic development?

2nd Witten Conference

The 2nd Witten Conference on Institutional Change was devoted to the topic “Migration, Institutions, and Institutional Change” and took place on November 6 and 7 2015 at Witten/Herdecke University. In recent years, the “institutional turn” in the social sciences has increasingly influenced migration research. Especially in economics, this has led to a broader view on the determinants of migration decisions and the consequences of migration for the countries of origin as well as for the target countries. The institutional perspective on migration offers various opportunities for co-operation among the different disciplines in the social sciences. So far, however, these opportunities have not been fully exploited.

1st Witten Conference

Within the context of the 1st Witten Conference on Institutional Change on the topic “Money, Banking, and the Crisis: An Austrian Perspective”, about 70 economists from Germany and abroad met at Witten/Herdecke University from 10 to 12 December 2014 to discuss the Austrian Economics’ core idea of spontaneous order and its possible implications for a better understanding of the financial and economic crisis. The Witten Institute for Institutional Change (WIWA) and the Friedrich A. von Hayek Society jointly hosted the conference.